Drought propagation in semi-arid river basins in Latin America: Lessons from Mexico to the Southern Cone

Año: 2018
Categoría: Cuenca del Maipo, Seguridad hídrica, Sequía

Autores: Oertel, M., Meza, F.J., Gironás, J., Scott, C; Rojas, F. Pineda, N.

Revista: Water (2018) 10 (11)

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Detecting droughts as early as possible is important in avoiding negative impacts on economy, society, and environment. To improve drought monitoring, we studied drought propagation (i.e., the temporal manifestation of a precipitation deficit on soil moisture and streamflow). We used the Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI), Standardized Streamflow Index (SSI), and Standardized Soil Moisture Index (SSMI) in three drought-prone regions: Sonora (Mexico), Maipo (Chile), and Mendoza-Tunuyán (Argentina) to study their temporal interdependence.
For this evaluation we use precipitation, temperature, and streamflow data from gauges that are managed by governmental institutions, and satellite-based soil moisture from the ESA CCI SM v03.3 combined data set. Results confirm that effective drought monitoring should be carried out (1) at river-basin scale, (2) including several variables, and (3) considering hydro-meteorological processes from outside its boundaries


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