Public Spaces as Climate Justice Places? Climate Quality in the City of Chillán, Chile

Año: 2019
Categoría: Cambio climático, Crecimiento urbano, Planificación urbana

Autores: Pamela Smith, Cristián Henríquez

Revista: Public Spaces as Climate Justice Places? Climate Quality in the City of Chillán, Chile. Environmental Justice  (2013)

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The transformations brought about by climate change and the continued growth of cities are having an impact on urban climate. In urban spaces, especially in public spaces, environmental conditions are becoming more uncomfortable and this is affecting the health and quality of life of city dwellers. This study of climate quality in the city of Chillán revealed that there are insufficient public spaces to provide acceptable environmental quality for the entire population.

It also showed that high-income areas, located in the peri-urban zones of the city, enjoy a better climate, environment, and air quality. This article analyzes urban climate injustice, as evidenced by the sharp socioeconomic differences in the quality of environment to which urban residents are exposed, and highlights the need for public spaces to improve the environmental quality for residents.


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