Semi-arid coastal basins as indicators of climate crisis adaptation (SACBAD) (English)

Professors from the UC Global Change Center, Sebastián Vicuña, Francisco Meza, Aurora Gaxiola, Sarah Leray and Oscar Melo start working on the Anillo-ANID Project "Semi-arid coastal basins as indicators of climate crisis adaptation (SACBAD)". According to the latest IPCC reports “recent climate changes are intensifying and are unprecedented in thousands of years”, making it a climate crisis that needs urgent attention.

Chile has been especially affected by this crisis due to a drought that has lasted for more than 10 years in the central region of the country. Climate changes translate into changes in the hydrologic cycle. Natural and man-made systems have limited ability to adapt to these changes in order to continue to thrive. Understanding this adaptive capacity and measuring progress in adaptation (or maladaptation) is a key question in understanding the consequences of the climate crisis and the options for coping with it. Basins located in semi-arid zones are especially affected by drought in conjunction with the location of intensive activities in water use such as agriculture, which affects the conditions at the mouths of coastal basins where there are critical aquatic ecosystems. The coastal basins located in the semi-arid region of Chile (transition between the regions of Valparaíso and Coquimbo) are of special interest due to the presence of a growing population, an agricultural development that has intensified, and vegetation and ecosystems of high ecological value. SACBAD (Semi Arid Coastal Basin Adaptation) is a research proposal based on the collaborative work of an interdisciplinary group of researchers on four objectives related to understanding the connection between coastal basins and the ocean in the Chilean semi-arid region. To respond to these objectives, specific interconnected research activities are proposed for different characteristic areas of a coastal basin. In addition to the research objectives, the proposal considers activities to carry out advanced human capital training, collaborative activities with local and international academic institutions, transdisciplinary transfer activities with a network of local collaborators at the level of public services and private entities that represent the needs of water and food security and ecosystem integrity in the study area.

Anillo-ANID SACBAD Project is looking for candidates to apply for a vacancie for Post Doctorate. Those interested can find all the information related to the applications in attached files.

Post Doctorate Investigation: Quantifying water flow, sediment delivery and changes to solute transport in the above and below ground coastal interface of semi-arid basins resulting from anthropogenic and climate forcings and their implications

Vacante: Quantifying water flow, sediment delivery and changes to solute transport in the above and below ground coastal interface

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